September 4, 2006

How Good Is Your Website – How To Analyze It

By Jerry Bader

How good is your website? Does it do its job? Is it effective? These are all good questíons that every business owner and marketing manager needs to ask him or herself. The website has become an essential tool for business. We all know we have to have a website, but are we using this venue to its greatest advantage?

Most people responsible for their company’s websites have stats packages and counters to tell them how many hits, how many unique visitors, where they are coming from, what their IP addresses are, what browser they’re using, and of course the all important monitor resolution. So what! Who cares? The real question is do we have an effective website? More
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Choosing A Microphone For Recording Audio On Your Website

7 Tips for Purchasing and Using a Microphone for Recording Audio on Your Website

By: Cathy Linderman

Tip One

You have a lot of considerations for choosing a microphone for recording audio. First, decide whether you need a dynamic or condenser microphone. A dynamic microphone is rugged and good for handling noise. It is great for webcasts (live audio and video). A condenser microphone is more sensitive with better frequency response and is better suited for a studio type situation. More

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September 3, 2006

Finally – Financial Management For Students Made Easy

Managing your children’s finances in college or while they are away from home can be a daunting challenge. But now there’s a totally new and innovative method to handle financial management for students. Parents are loving it, and so are the students. This creative idea is helping families teach their children how to become financially literate and secure.

This new development is a pre-paid card that is much like a debit card. It’s PIN-based, and when endorsed by and bearing the logo of a major credit card carrier, such as MasterCard or VISA, it can be accepted by the many businesses, restaurants and shops around the world that accept those cards. More

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